Introducing Circa’s new Editor in Chief: Anthony De Rosa

In the 7 months since Circa launched we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. On the editorial front we brought in Nicholas Deleon as our lead technology editor and our editorial team, which spans the globe from Beijing to San Francisco, has coalesced while covering everything from Hurricane Sandy, and the government sequester to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Today Circa is excited to announce another important step in our progress. Anthony De Rosa, most recently Reuters’ Social Media Editor, is joining the team as Editor in Chief in mid-June.

Anthony De Rosa

At Reuters Anthony helped integrate the “ambient wire” that exists on social networks into Reuters platforms. He trained the newsroom to find leads and sources on social media and utilized live blogs to deliver a constant flow of updates on breaking news, which led to receiving Reuters “Best Storytelling Innovation” award in 2011. He was also host of Reuters TV’s “Tech Tonic” and a Reuters columnist.

In his own words about why he is joining Circa:

There’s a huge opportunity to present news in a way that’s made for mobile. Nobody is thinking about this more than Circa and I’m thrilled to help move that mission forward. Matt and David have a proven record of success and I feel like we have a shared vision for transforming the traditional article format.

I first became aware of Circa in its early incarnation as The Moby Dick project. It captured my attention because it hit on so many things I knew were wrong about the way we still continue to present and produce news. Seeing those ideas distilled into Circa was very exciting. There are many other elements of the Moby Dick project that I hope we can implement as well that continue to move us in the direction of creating the ideal presentation for news.

Circa is going to continue to push forward in the coming months. We are hard at work on version 2.0 of our iPhone app, and an Android version to be released in Q3 2013. In addition to technology – Circa is a news organization. Anthony brings the right mix of journalism know-how and tech-savvy to help the Circa editorial team continue to push the boundaries of the traditional article format. Our goal remains the same – to create the best news reading experience in a mobile setting. Anthony will be joining David Cohn, the Director of News and 11 contributing editors in mid-June.

Please join us in giving Anthony a warm welcome to the team!