Share in an all-new way with Circa News 1.2

Interesting stories deserve to be shared! That’s why we’ve spent the last few weeks completely overhauling our sharing interface. With this release sharing is easier, faster, and more powerful than ever before.

Sharing has been completely redesigned

Sharing with Circa

We’ve had a lot of great feedback about our sharing experience ever since the app launched.  We’ve taken all of that feedback and built a completely new sharing interface.  Above you’ll see what our new sharing pop-up consists of – sharing entire stories, or just specific quotes, images, etc., social sharing, iMessage/text sharing, and of course Email.  The social sharing screen has also undergone a massive redesign, which you can see above and on the right.  We now pre-fill the text for you so it’s easier than ever to share.

Network-specific sharing & privacy controls

Social sharing with Circa

Most apps we’ve seen have very simple social sharing controls – just tap the account button and you’re done.  But unfortunately making it that simple means you lose a lot of potential customization with how you’d like your privacy to be respected, or what account it gets shared from.  So we decided to get away from the one-size-fits-all approach.

We were met with the challenge of creating an interface that is very simple for everyday sharers, but had powerful options hidden beneath the surface if you chose to customize more.  Tapping the Facebook or Twitter icons works just as you’d expect – tap it and it activates.  But should you chose to get more specific with your sharing options, just tap the gear on the far right.  That will present you with network-specific controls.  That means that with Facebook you’ll be able to customize the privacy of that specific shared post, and with Twitter which account you’re sharing to.  In the future, as we add more networks, we’ll continue to respect the various options those networks provide their users.

…and introducing Technology News!

It’s been a long-time coming, but we’re excited that today we’ve made our Technology news category live.  For the last few weeks our Lead Technology Editor, Nicholas Deleon, has been heading up this category and cranking out technology stories within Circa to a beta group of readers.  We’ve had some awesome feedback on it so far, so it’s time to make it live for everyone!  There tends to be a whole lot of noise out there in the tech news world, so we wanted to provide a super simple place to get the big stories quickly.  Nicholas has been doing a great job, and we’re excited to see where this category goes.

Thanks to our readers

We’ve had so much amazing feedback over the last few months that while we can’t thank everyone individually right here, we can at least throw out a big THANK YOU to those that have written, tweeted, emailed, etc.  We couldn’t do this without your feedback.  If you’ve got any thoughts you’d like to send our way, just send it over to


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