Introducing Circa – The best way to read news on your iPhone

We’re very excited to announce that as of today the Circa app will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free! We’ve been working on this for most of 2012 and are very proud with the 1.0 that we’re launching.  Download it now for free!

So what is it?

More and more people are relying on mobile devices as their primary source of digesting news, yet the content itself continues to be produced in a format that makes for a poor user experience on mobile. We started Circa to address this, and make it easier to consume news on phones and other mobile devices.

Rather than trying to shoehorn existing content into a new environment, we’ve created the first truly mobile-first news experience. Circa brings comprehensive yet to-the-point news updates delivered in an engrossing mobile experience.

Reading with Circa

Instead of articles, Circa presents news as a collection of details about a story: the facts, stats, quotes, pictures, maps, and more. These are the full stories, not summaries; summaries tend to compress stories and therefore lose details. Instead, each story on Circa has the same details you’d find in traditional articles, but broken down into individual chunks of information that are much easier to consume. It’s the facts, without the fluff.

The details, or points, are presented in an interface that works a little like the flash cards like we used in school to learn and retain new information. Flash cards improve  comprehension, retention, as well as speed of learning. Each point within a Circa story is presented on its own “card,” so it’s easy to swipe through and read a whole story in less than a minute.

Keeping up with the news

Because stories can evolve quite a lot over time, we built Circa so that it’s easy to simply add points to existing stories instead of constantly writing new articles on the same subjects. We’ve also enabled a feature we call “Follow” that gives readers the opportunity to easily keep track of all the updates for each individual story they care about.

Find a story you like? Just hit the Follow button and we’ll push you a notification whenever new information is available. This is very handy for breaking news stories that are being updated rapidly, as well as stories that might not resolve for weeks, months or even years. No matter the circumstance, we’ll push a notification for all the updates to each followed story as it changes.

Powered by journalists

We’ve invented a new way to present news, so we also had to create a new back end that allows journalists to write news in a way that’s better suited for the phone. Our editors, a team of excellent journalists from around the world, are able to quickly produce stories and easily keep them up to date as new details emerge,  providing great coverage around the clock.

Going right to the source

We know that truth and trust are paramount in news, and that’s why we work hard to provide the source to every single point that we write within a story. With these citations available to the reader, the Circa app makes it easy to jump right to the source and dive even deeper.

Much more to come!

This 1.0 release is only the beginning for Circa. We’ve got so many more exciting and amazing things planned over the next year, including iPad and Android versions, more categories, and even more coverage. There’s also a massive pipeline of features that we just can’t wait to get into the app!

Circa is simply the best way to read news on your phone. Circa is news, reimagined.