Hello World! Meet the Circa Team…

Today we’re launching our new website that paints a better picture about who we are (and how you can join us!) while we prepare to tell you what we’re doing.

While we’re still a few months away from revealing more about our products, we decided to kick off our inaugural blog post on the Circa blog by showcasing the fantastic team that we’ve assembled here over the last couple months.

Matt Galligan (CEO), Arsenio Santos (CTO), Ben Huh – Co-founders

We didn’t want to leave out our founders, so here’s their mugshots. We’ll get to more about them in a later post. So without further adieu, we would like to introduce our teammates:

Travis Choma – Senior Software Engineer


When we went looking for a mobile hacker, we couldn’t have found a better one than Travis. He’s a seasoned engineer with a deep background in mobile development. Since joining Circa he’s been focused on building out the iOS app and paving the way for other mobile products. Prior to Circa he was based out of We Work Labs in NYC where he built Tentative.ly, a tool for tracking upcoming events like concerts, gallery openings and tech meetups. Some of the earlier projects that he’s worked on include a mobile HTML5 matchmaking app for the TedX Amsterdam franchise, a UI implementation for an Android tablet, and was a member of one of the winning teams Google’s first Android Developers Challenge. When he’s not hacking, he’s travelling, cycling, and checking out as many events as he can, including outdoor movie screenings, west african desert blues concerts (note: we’re still trying to figure this one out) and Belgian beer tastings. You can find him on Twitter at @travischoma

David Cohn – Founding Editor

A few weeks back, we reached out to our network to see who might be a good fit for our Founding Editor position. More than a few recommended David for this slot and after just one meeting, it was love at first sight. He will oversee our editorial process, production and be our general lens into the news world. After starting out as a technology reporter David’s career has been about pushing the boundaries of how journalism is done. He was at the forefront of citizen journalism with “Assignment Zero” and the “Beat Blogging” project. He helped to pioneer the practice of crowdfunding for journalists by creating Spot.Us. David is active throughout the news community, serving on the board of several nonprofits, teaching at various journalism schools and helping to organize industry events from the Online News Association to the recent TechRaking event co-hosted by Google and Center for Investigative Reporting. He lives in Berkeley where he likes to grow things in the garden or bike. Also, he loves you.

Tim Shundo – Designer


Years ago, Matt (our CEO) “met” Tim through his MySpace Re-design artwork that hit the front page of Digg. He quickly asked Tim to be a part of his first company, Socialthing to which he obliged. Now the band’s back together so to speak (at least as a duo) and cranking out some killer designs. After the Socialthing acquisition, Tim literally [sic] lost his heart in San Francisco and figured he may as well make a living in the Bay Area to make use of the time in between his attempts to find it. Luckily, Aol offered him a spot on the Bebo team where he spent the next two years before voyaging into the ever-undulating waters of the mobile gaming industry at Ngmoco. Inc. Another two years would pass before he’d find himself at Circa. In his own own third-person words, Tim goes on: “When the day nears its end, Tim goes home to further mash in the buttons on his various game console controllers that must unwillingly comply to his every acheivement-earning whim. Often does he spare these Wiimotes and Sixaxes of their suffering to peruse The Yelp in an effort to unearth the finest of San Franciscan sushi eateries. Only the most supreme dragon rolls can momentarily distract him from his undying love for puppies, Apple products, Hayao Miyazaki, Adventure Time, long walks in the snow, ironic typography, and Adobe Fireworks CS5.” Check out Tim’s finely crafted pixels at his Dribbble or follow him on Twitter at @timshundo.

On to the next one…

We’re still looking for a few more great folks to add to our lineup. Maybe that’s you? Be sure to check out our Careers page.